DCB Membership Dues

You can pay your DCB Membership dues online for the Fall/Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.  There is a small convenience fee of $1 added to help cover the additional costs involved.

  • Fall/Winter and Spring Membership dues are $30 per session, with a $10 late fee being added to it if they are not paid on time.
  • If you are joining DCB only for the Summer session, there is a $15 folder fee.  If you decide to join us for the Fall/Winter session, then this fee is applied towards your Winter session DCB Membership dues.
  • If you are currently a member, then there is no fee to attend the Summer session.

Pay Your Dues

Membership Dues TypeCost
Spring 2023 Session Fee with Late Fee$41
($30 session fee + $10 Late Fee + $1 convenience fee)