We're still here

Due to the lessened COVID-19 restrictions, the band is back together!

  The entire band has begun group rehearsals again.  We're looking forward to performing for our amazing audiences in the upcoming months.   

DCB Membership Dues

You can pay your DCB Membership dues online for the Fall/Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.  There is a small convenience fee of $1 added to help cover the additional costs involved.

  • Fall/Winter and Spring Membership dues are $30 per session, with a $10 late fee being added to it if they are not paid on time.
  • If you are joining DCB only for the Summer session, there is a $15 folder fee.  If you decide to join us for the Fall/Winter session, then this fee is applied towards your Winter session DCB Membership dues.
  • If you are currently a member, then there is no fee to attend the Summer session.

Spring 2022 Session Fee$41
($30 session fee + $10 late fee + $1 convenience fee)